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With thanks to an inspiring co-conspirator on the pathway.
The Enchanted World of Gullveig - Moonwillow
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Sun in Cancer
15 degree(s)
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Waning Crescent Moon
Waning Crescent Moon
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Breaking News! Moria's Place is now resident at The Synergy Centre in Sheffield! For upcoming events why visit our Facebook page and 'like and share' to your friends!

Moria's Place is back, please bear with the few errors currently showing as 'The Guru' is working hard to get this site fully back up and running. Feel free to message us with any issues you may encounter while surfing the site and we will fix them ASAP.
Blessed Be! Moria/Witchealer 


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Welcome to Moria's Place!

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I am a 53yr old hedgewitch, English by birth, Scottish/Irish by descent, lived in France for the last seven years and am now re-patriated to Blighty! That should give you some idea of the kind of person you're dealing with here! The name Moria was given to me by an 'off the cuff' remark at my birth but many will know me as either Mimi or Witchealer and you can call me whichever one feels right to you. I have followed a spiritual pathway for a long time but when I first chose this path a very wise lady told me "Learn all you can learn, read all you can read, If it works for you – use it... If it doesn't, give it back with love and light; it will work for someone else!" (Thanks Dawn) This philosophy, along with the one phrase I carry from my mother.... "This too shall pass" ..., have become the main mantra's for my life.

I am attuned to Master/Teacher degree in Tibetan – Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki and Master degree in Seichem Reiki and I work with Angels and Crystals whilst healing. I also produce a range of crafts with a magical/Reiki theme such bespoke spell candles, Card pouches, Smudge feathers etc; and this site is intended to be a springboard for these items and much more. This site is intended to be a compendium of information on the many aspects of the various spiritual pathways available (Wiccan, Pagan, Druids, Native American, etc) and to try and simplify and share that information and organise it in a way that will benifit all those who wish to follow any of the spiritual pathways or simply to understand and gain knowledge of them. I hope it will be a place for followers of the various pathways new and old to visit and learn new things from others and to share their own knowledge with those others, thus fulfilling the circular exchange of knowledge and skills inherant in all aspects of any of the many spiritual lifepaths followed.

In building this Website I have tried to think of what elements I would like to find and am happy to consider suggestions and receive feedback on the existing content but I reserve the right to delete any messages or other posts which I consider to be contrary to the spirit of the site or that may cause offence to anyone.

I would be happy to provide links to other sites where I know the service providers or have used the site myself in the past, or I have been given sufficient feedback to have confidence in the products and/or services they refer to.

There will be a strict zero tolerance policy in Moria's Place for any abusive content.

*Moria's place will never knowingly breach copyright, if you feel your content has been used in error or without said permissions please contact us with details and we will endevour to resolve the issue* 
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